Nations at War(社区译名:战争国度)和众多优秀的战地2游戏模组一样,曾经也是一个战地2的游戏模组复活项目,这款模组是以团队为基础的海陆空完美结合的第一人称射击FPS游戏。游戏背景设定在现代化作战技术环境下进行的竞技,作品模重新定义了FPS游戏风格,融入了不同的国家地区及更多玩家的参与。经过不断的版本迭代,这款游戏模组已经独立出来并制成一个独立的游戏。


Kano. (maps, coding, ulcers and sleep depravation)
PuckerFactor. (models, textures, packaging, nagging)
Outlaw. (Images "n" Stuff)

AIX, Hard Justice, Surreal, Project Reality, EOD,  Zero Factor, Rising Conflict and USI.
MasterX for the MOD stats system, and hosting a great NAW Server.
Devilman for Debugging NAW 6.0.
Clivewil from AIX for his amazing aircraft.
Imtheheadhunter for his maps and sound collection.
Jones for his maps.
Screams4Death mod by Crazy Ace
Death Enforcer (from the BF Single Player site for all the ai work he did)
SatNav (from the BF Single Player site for A.I and fantastic content)
Token. (BF2 texturing tool)
The Dark for his maps
Cat Box for texturing and maps.
Dasas. Zero factors models (Quad bikes)
Ziggy RadarOReilly & StrykerJ (WCC/Hard Justice Cooperative Venture and A.I NAV meshing)
Cheese, TehElvis and the Big Kid Creations team. (Surreal content)
Xeqtr, for the XM8 skinned by JONES & re skinned by Groovy Dawg. Brilliant accompanying menu icons made by the brilliant Frank Beans.
Ga-Knomboe Boy for the Snow Trees

[NAW] Mikeey our new community manager;
All the guys at =ACES=: JoeSWO, Outlaw, Timis, Madmedic, Chris Wally, Sire Cain, Ryan, Rob Litwiler
Special thx to. Major Pain, Assassin Chad, John Edmo, De Wizz

New textures for the Mark 5 and Chinook by PuckerFactor
Jackhammer adjusted.
Saiga12 adjusted.
Protecta adjusted.
Norinco982 adjusted.
Benelli_m4 adjusted.
Wrench repair speed increased.
M249 saw deviation changed to match PKM.
F15 and f15n speed and torque changed to match f18.
M1a2 t90 and type 98 ai fixed now tanks engage each other.
Spawn points added to certain vehicles.
WarHawk HUD repaired.
Floaters added to Chinook.
Updated HUD elements by Wolfi  from USI mod.
Whole mod has been debugged by Devilman over 500 non critical errors removed.
New Vehicle HUD's For t90, m1a1, type98, btr90, lav25. l2a6, challanger2.
Handheld mini gun added to super support kit.
xm8 Added to Super Sniper kit.
Ammo and Supply points by USI and Truespirt.